Ledgy: 50% discount for startup with less than 2m€ funding

LEDGY General Presentation

Ledgy is the European equity management solution for fast-growing startups. A scalable infrastructure for all equity-related topics with best-in-class security and privacy. Get your cap table and employee participation plans right, from the beginning. Make your financing rounds a success and engage your investors and employees. Know your data is safe and compliant. The portfolio always gives investors or employees the latest information about their investments and vesting.

1. Features for HR: Document templating and signing flows for equity processes, allowing batch processing any number of employee grants with only a few clicks. Employee dashboard with live vesting visualization, making their upside in your company’s success transparent

2. Features for Finance: Scalable all-in-one solution for your company’s employee participation plan, cap table, modeling, investor relations, due diligence, and document signing automation.

3. Features for Investors: Flexible reporting and portfolio management solution for business angels, professional investors, and funds. And it doesn’t need to be forced on the startups, as it gives them a whole suite of useful features to streamline their equity processes as they scale.

We are the European Equity Management Software Solution for fast-growing startups and facilitates:

Employee Participation Plans

– Save hours of manual work by getting rid of complicated spreadsheets

– Supports everything: pools, options, phantom options, warrants, vested stocks, and inverse vesting

– Get notified of important vesting and expiry events and engage employees by inviting them to track their equity

Cap Table Management

– Intuitive, legally valid, and error-free cap table from the beginning

– Supports many transaction types, including issuance, transfer, convertibles, stock split, share destruction, valuations

Round & Exit Modeling

– Understand how dilution works by comparing different round modeling scenarios

– Support for convertibles, fixed employee pools, and pro-rata distribution

– Assess the impact of liquidation preferences

Collaboration and Due Dilligence

– Granular access rights, you are in control

– Read-only access for investors, a secure data room for document sharing, and audit trails eliminate the need for costly due diligence tools

– Save time in future due diligence by attaching legal documents to their transactions

Investor Relations & Portfolio

– Be professional towards your investors as a startup

– Track KPIs, write recurring reports and share them with investors

– The simplest and most time-efficient way to manage multi portfolios

Digital Signatures & Templating

– Sign documents online using Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES): The highest standard in digital signatures

– Request stakeholder signatures with a single click: easy for one stakeholder, easy for 100

– Build signature workflows to issue fully-compliant option grants online without printing a single sheet of paper