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LEGALSTART General Presentation

Headquartered in Paris, Legalstart is an innovative legal services platform for entrepreneurs and individuals. Our ambition is to revolutionize legal services through technology. To this end, we offer two types of services:

– for your everyday needs, allows you to quickly and simply create quality legal documents;

– for your more complex needs, puts you in touch with a lawyer adapted to your situation.

With Legalstart, you can create and manage your business, hire an employee, file a brand, hire a home helper or end a dispute. You now have access to a simple, quality and cost-effective solution to meet all your legal needs.

You want to:

Start a business

Create an association

Get an invoice

File a mark

Change your status


How does it work?

Choose the right legal structure: use our tools to help you find the right legal structure for your needs

Create your document: answer simple questions, Legalstart creates a bespoke document

Manage your formalities: transplants, prefectures, INPI, etc. Legalstart takes care of everything