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NIFTY General Presentation

Manage projects, work, and communications remotely. Nifty is the collaboration hub that makes timelines, deliverables, and workloads clear to your team and clients. Nifty is new-wave project management that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining collaboration, communication, and automation. The result is milestone-driven results that keep teams inspired and organizational goals on schedule. Nifty helps teams’​ simplify their workflow by consolidating team communication, project management, and client collaboration into one easy, fun, and efficient tool. With Discussions, Tasks, Docs, Roadmaps, and Files all in one place — Nifty lets you focus on building products instead of juggling tools.

Manage Work

Keep track of all your task assignments, activities, and time logs across projects. Use the ‘My Work’ section to stay on top of all tasks assigned to you, sorted by deadlines.

Collaborate With Your Team and Clients

Discussions enable focused collaboration amongst project members to facilitate meaningful decision making. Direct Message brings team conversations outside of projects.

Automate Progress Reporting

Project Milestones automatically reflect project status updates when relevant tasks are completed. Download time logs and sprint reports to get detailed breakdowns of teammate accomplishments.